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With the release of Isolocity 3.0, our document management software has undergone a significant upgrade, making it better than ever. If your business relies on documents, it’s essential to have a reliable document management system, and you should definitely check out this blog. Already using a document management software? Discover why our product stands out as a far superior option. Let’s dive into the details.

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Awesome feature 1 : Gone are the days of document upload, download and offline editing

Document management is a vital part of ISO 9001 and, hence, quality management software too. When it comes to document management, one of the most disliked tasks is uploading and downloading documents. This manual process not only consumes time but also requires deleting the file from your local folder afterward—nobody wants files lying around unnecessarily.

Most large corporations use OneDrive or SharePoint as their document repositories. If you use OneDrive with regular document management software, the process typically involves:

  1. Finding the document in OneDrive.
  2. Going to your DMS (Document Management System).
  3. Uploading the document.
  4. Realizing you need to make edits.
  5. Going back to OneDrive.
  6. Editing the document.
  7. Re-uploading the document.

However, with Isolocity DMS, the process is streamlined:

  1. Finding and locating your OneDrive document.
  2. Realizing you need to make edits.
  3. Editing the document directly within the software.

This eliminates many unnecessary steps. Isolocity DMS is the only software we know of that offers official integration with Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint.

All you need to do is enable the OneDrive integration, which is a one-time activity.

Microsoft OneDrive integration

And then sign in to your Microsoft account, which is also a one-time activity.

Microsoft OneDrive integration 2

Awesome feature 2: With Isolocity, we ensure that two people do not edit the same document at the same time

Remember the days with Dropbox when two people working on the same document simultaneously could end up creating duplicate files, causing confusion? With Isolocity DMS, that’s no longer an issue. When editing a document in Isolocity DMS, we ensure that no one else can simultaneously edit the same document. This feature may seem minor, but it has a significant impact for corporations with thousands of employees across multiple sites and geographical locations.

Isolocity document editing - document management software

Awesome feature 3 : An activity tracker that will have all the details you need; this is crucial for ISO 9001

Our activity tracker is not just extensive; it’s comprehensive. It captures not only external actions like assigning an owner to your document or modifying the approval matrix, but also tracks changes made within the document itself. Moreover, we take it a step further by highlighting the differences between the two versions of the document.

Document management software - activity tracker

When we say “difference,” we don’t simply display the versions side by side; we pinpoint the specific changes made within the document.

Document management software - changes


Awesome feature 4: Document discussions and trainings

When working collaboratively on document creation, discussions with team members are essential for incorporating their input. Typically, these discussions happen outside the Document Management System (DMS), which can lead to a lack of comprehensive activity tracking.

In Isolocity, we offer a built-in discussion feature that serves as a unified platform for collaborating on documents. Everything discussed is recorded, allowing easy reference later on. You can mention colleagues in these discussions, ensuring they receive notifications both within the platform and via email. The side panel also displays all contributors to the discussion, enhancing transparency and accountability.

Additionally, Isolocity integrates documents seamlessly with training processes. For instance, documents such as Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) can trigger corresponding training sessions upon creation. When accessing these training sessions, the attached document is readily available for review before answering any related questions. This integration streamlines the learning process and ensures that teams are well-prepared and informed.

Document management software - training link

Awesome feature 5: Graph that matters

If you hold a supervisory or senior position, you often need to track specific metrics for your documents, such as approval rates and overall status percentages of trainings. In Isolocity, alongside the list view, we offer graphical representations that provide a quick overview and detailed status report. These graphs are not only informative but also interactive. For example, you can click on legends to dynamically adjust the graph. You can also use additional filters like date ranges and other criteria. This functionality allows for more insightful analysis and better decision-making based on real-time data.

Document management software - graph


Isolocity document management software offers a comprehensive array of features that cater to diverse needs beyond those mentioned here. It includes a robust search bar for easy document retrieval and the ability to download all or selectively filtered documents as needed, ensuring efficient document management.

Moreover, the software automatically generates cover pages containing essential information and establishes clear parent-child relationships between documents, enhancing hierarchical clarity. These and other functionalities are designed to optimize usability and organizational efficiency.

Isolocity is recognized as a top-tier solution in the document management industry. For detailed information, please visit our website. If you have any questions or require additional information not found on our website, please feel free to contact us. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive support to meet your needs.