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We began our journey offering custom consulting to businesses looking to develop a quality management system.

While our clients were happy, we still didn’t like the amount of thinking and paperwork involved in quality compliance.

So, we engineered the complete quality management solution: Isolocity’s quality compliance software holistically integrates over a decade of experience using quality principles from internationally recognized standards such as ISO 9001:2015, GMP, and more.

It harnesses the power of automation to reduce work and resources needed by up to 50%. Its secure cloud technology allows users to implement and comply with complex quality control measures – from anywhere.


  • Launched as ISO consultancy


  • Launched the Isolocity app


  • Launched our batch traceability feature
  • Launched our inventory feature
  • Entered the Asian market


  • Launched our audit trail & data integrity features
  • Launched our low-cost production level user
  • Entered the European market


  • Launched our training management feature
  • Launched our inventory costing feature
  • Launched our first integration
  • Entered the South American market
  • Entered the Australian market
  • Chaired NAVA initiative to draft GMP Eliquid standards for Health Canada & FDA review


  • Launched our free basic user-product
  • Entered the African market
  • Established first integration with partnering software.


  • Received GMP Validation from Q&C


  • Launched Isolocity 3.0


  • Launched official integration with Microsoft Azure for SharePoint & OneDrive
  • Launched official integration with ERP