• The current state of automated quality management and growth forecast

    Posted February 15th, 2023 By Mukut Chakraborty

    Quality management is an essential component of the manufacturing business. It ensures that products meet the highest standards and that customers are happy with their purchases. With the increased use of automation in manufacturing, using automated quality management systems to ensure consistency and limit the risk of mistakes has become increasingly critical. In this article, […]

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  • Isolocity and Dutchie POS Integration

    Posted January 25th, 2023 By Mukut Chakraborty

    The 21st century is the century of technology, and all businesses are leaning toward intelligent solutions. From Tesla’s driverless cars to Meta’s augmented reality, businesses are using all colors of technology to give a better user experience. The cannabis industry is following the same pattern. Because it is a highly regulated industry, using automation to […]

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  • MJBizCon 2022 – An action packed event for Isolocity

    Posted November 23rd, 2022 By Mukut Chakraborty

    Snapshot of MJBizCon 2022 If you are a cannabis industry enthusiast, you would know about MJBizCon, one of the largest (and oldest too) cannabis business tradeshows in the world. The economic turmoil in the USA and the world could not stop 1400+ exhibitors from attending the MJBizCon 2022 in Las Vegas. When they entered the […]

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  • The difference between MES & QMS

    Posted November 16th, 2022 By Mukut Chakraborty

    Quality management systems (QMS) and manufacturing execution systems (MES) are often used together in an effort to improve efficiency, productivity, & quality. While these two systems serve very different purposes, they can be integrated to improve outcomes even more. Today we’ll explore the differences between QMS and MES as well as how they can be […]

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  • 9 SOP tips for cannabis regulations

    Posted October 26th, 2022 By Velvet Kavanagh

    This week we have a guest blog from Velvet Kavanagh.  Velvet helps craft cannabis companies streamline operations so they can reduce stress and increase profits with her company Phenologic.  She’ll share some of her tips for better standard operating procedures (SOPs), a crucial part of your Quality Management System. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are a […]

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  • Unlocking the New York Conditional Adult-Use Retail Dispensary License (CAURD)

    Posted August 25th, 2022 By Mukut Chakraborty

    In the past, we have discussed the entire step-by-step process for both New York Conditional Adult-Use Cultivator License and New York Conditional Adult-Use Processor License. As we are entering the third phase of Cannabis Legalization, the OCM opened the New York Conditional Adult-Use Retail Dispensary License (CAURD) Application window. New York Conditional Adult-Use Retail Dispensary […]

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  • Legalization of cannabis in Germany and our takeaways from ICBC Berlin

    Posted August 3rd, 2022 By Mukut Chakraborty

    Legalization of cannabis in Germany If you follow the Cannabis industry, you probably would know that lately, Germany has started moving towards legalizing adult-use of cannabis. According to Health Minister Karl Lauterbach, a draft law is scheduled to be ready by the end of 2022 for the legalization of cannabis in Germany. As per the […]

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  • Application process for Cannabis Adult Use Conditional Processor License for New York

    Posted July 12th, 2022 By Mukut Chakraborty

    On February 22, 2022, Governor Kathy Hochul signed into law S.8084-A/A.9283-A, and as per law New York state now will provide conditional adult-use cultivator and processor license. The license holders will be able to cultivate, process, and distribute cannabis flower products holding an adult-use processor or distributor license, there are certain conditions to be met, which […]

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  • International Cannabis Business Conference – Berlin

    Posted July 12th, 2022 By Mukut Chakraborty

    International Cannabis Business Conference – 2022 is Europe’s largest cannabis trade show. This year 5000 attendees are flying to Berlin from 80 different countries and Isolocity is one of them. Germany in recent times has started taking steps toward relaxing cannabis laws. The government has already begun several weeks of expert testimony on liberalizing the […]

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  • Isolocity and Elevated Signals Integration

    Posted July 6th, 2022 By Mukut Chakraborty

    Cannabis is a highly regulated industry and therefore keeping all aspects of the business compliant is very critical. We live in a digital era where more and more industries are shifting towards digital solutions and the same is true for the Cannabis industry as well. As a business replacing manual efforts with automation through software […]

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  • Lift & Co. Expo 2022

    Posted May 3rd, 2022 By Mukut Chakraborty

      Lift&Co. Expo is back and so are we. Catch us live at Booth # 1227 from May 12-15. Schedule: Lift Cannabis Business Conference : May 12 Lift&Co. Expo: May 13-15 Industry Days: May 13-14 Consumer Day : May 15 Location: Metro Toronto Convention Center Canada’s #1 Cannabis Conference and Trade show returns, delivering expert […]

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  • Lift & Co. Cannabis Expo 2019

    Posted May 31st, 2019 By Mukut Chakraborty

    Join us at our next cannabis event in Toronto, at the Metro Toronto Convention Center! Lift & Co. Cannabis Expo is a yearly event where businesses in the industry gather to network and share knowledge.

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