• The current state of automated quality management and growth forecast

    Posted February 15th, 2023 By Mukut Chakraborty

    Quality management is an essential component of the manufacturing business. It ensures that products meet the highest standards and that customers are happy with their purchases. With the increased use of automation in manufacturing, using automated quality management systems to ensure consistency and limit the risk of mistakes has become increasingly critical. In this article, […]

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  • 9 SOP tips for cannabis regulations

    Posted October 26th, 2022 By Velvet Kavanagh

    This week we have a guest blog from Velvet Kavanagh.  Velvet helps craft cannabis companies streamline operations so they can reduce stress and increase profits with her company Phenologic.  She’ll share some of her tips for better standard operating procedures (SOPs), a crucial part of your Quality Management System. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are a […]

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  • What is HACCP?

    Posted May 24th, 2018 By Mukut Chakraborty

    HACCP or Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points is a process by which food and beverage makers can limit the amount of biological, chemical, and physical hazards that can harm finished products. It is an approach that prevents and helps

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