• All About the PMTA Deadline (Premarket Tobacco Product Application)

    Posted August 3rd, 2020 By Mukut Chakraborty

    The global vaping market is expected to grow to a worth of over $29 billion by 2022. As with any lucrative but potentially risky market, there are several FDA regulations in place and GMP is crucial to producing quality products.  In fact, because of the rigorous Premarket Tobacco Product Applications process, or PMTA, exercising GMP from the […]

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  • Isolocity Co-founder To Chair Vaping Standards Committee

    Posted September 5th, 2019 By Mukut Chakraborty

    Isolocity is proud to announce that we have partnered with the Canadian Vape Association (CVA) to develop the GMP e-liquid vaping standard guidelines, and will be presenting them to Health Canada and the rest of the industry. Our co-founder Chris Budd will chair the CVA standards committee with the help of other Canadian industry subject […]

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  • Next Generation Nicotine USA 2019

    Posted April 26th, 2019 By Mukut Chakraborty

    Join us for our next vape event presentation at Next Generation Nicotine Delivery USA 2019. Our presentation “Why GMP? A Case Study On Automating Compliance For Vape” will break down these topics and more:

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  • What You Need to Know About Bill S-5

    Posted April 20th, 2018 By Mukut Chakraborty

    The burgeoning vape industry is about to transform side by side with its exponential rise. As with any new emerging industry, there are always regulations that need to be updated or created in order to better serve its community and the public.

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