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Inventory Management: Monitoring Inventory Levels

After logging into Isolocity. You are brought to the dashboard which gives you the overview of all processes in your system. You can access inventory levels by scrolling to the “Inventory Levels” chart. Here you can see usage and inventory levels over time. You can look at seasonal trends and forecast usage of raw material how much finished product they are selling at any given time of year.

Alternatively, you can also access inventory levels via the “Inventory Manager” which can be accessed by clicking on the “Inventory Manager” tab in the navigation. Here you can see and overview what is out of stock, how many are needed and what the reorder point is right on the first page.

For details on these numbers and any running history you can click on the individual items. Information such as what has happened with this part, raw material, or finished part in addition to what is out of stock and still available.