Create Planning Reports Menu Quality Management Software

The quality planning section can be found by clicking on “Planning Reports” in the menu.

Here, you can begin quality planning by clicking on “Create New Planning Report”.

Complete the information fields associated with the planning report and choose the planning type from the drop-down.

Create Planning Reports Create Resources and Action Plan Quality Management Software

Create resources and action plan for completing this item.  Leave the completion dates blank until the action has been completed.

Create Planning Reports Evaluation of Effectiveness of Plan Quality Management Software

Choose criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of your project quality management plan and assign an owner.  Click “Create Planning Report” to save the report.

Reminders will appear in your action items when items in this report become due.  Once the process has completed, assess the effectiveness of the plan to close it.

Fill out the vital information for the CAR (Corrective Action Report).  The CAR can be saved at any point and completed at a later time and by another user.

Create Corrective Action Reports Root Cause and Preventive Action Details Quality Management Software

Determine root cause and preventative action details.

Create Corrective Action Reports Verification of the Preventive Action Quality Management Software

Apply a due date for the verification of the preventative action, and if desired, costs associated to the error.

Click “Create Corrective Action” to save the report at any time.

A reminder to complete the CAR will appear in your action items when the preventative action and verification are due.

Using the menu on the left-hand side:

Create Corrective Action Report From Scratch - Menu - Quality Management Software

Click on “Corrective Action”

Click “Create New Corrective Action Report”.

See “Complete Corrective Action Report” for remaining instructions.

Ensure the part inspection is saved before navigating away from the page.

Create Corrective Action Report From Failed Part Inspection - Quality Management Software

When a corrective action report is initiated from a failed part inspection, some of the fields in the report will appear pre-filled.

See “Complete Corrective Action Report” for remaining instructions.

This portion if for the part inspector to complete on the shop floor.

Using the menu on the left-hand side:

Click on “Inspection”

Click on the order for which you are doing the part inspection

Fill out the inspection results for each part.

Once the inspection is completed, click “Save”.