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We are glad to announce the integration between Isolocity and Dutchie POS. In this blog, we will discuss our motivation behind this business decision, what it would mean to businesses using Dutchie POS and Isolocity, and how this would work.

The 21st century is the century of technology, and all businesses are leaning toward intelligent solutions. From Tesla’s driverless cars to Meta’s augmented reality, businesses are using all colors of technology to give a better user experience.

The cannabis industry is following the same pattern. Because it is a highly regulated industry, using automation to manage all the regulations becomes necessary. Also, from a business perspective, it would make sense to automate all the operational processes as well. Because of these two reasons, both QMS and ERP software in the cannabis industry are gaining popularity.

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simpleque shows us how businesses save $16 for every $1 they invest in QMS. Similarly, Genius ERP reports that ERP can also reduce business operational costs by 19%, administrative costs by 15%, and inventory costs by 19%. Therefore, having a QMS and an ERP becomes mandatory for all cannabis businesses.

But if these two systems cannot talk to each other, it becomes difficult to manage. When automating tasks is the primary objective of these solutions, a dual-entry process does not make sense. A strong integration between your QMS and ERP is the solution.

Dutchie POS and Isolocity are the leading platforms in the cannabis industry, and our teams have worked tirelessly over the past few months to build a seamless integration. Marimed was able to prove the product’s success by using it to achieve GMP certification in December 2022.

Marimed Testimonial

It gives us immense pleasure to say that this integration is live and ready for you to start using it today.

What is Isolocity?

Isolocity is a QMS that helps automate quality processes, procedures, and responsibilities throughout your operation while ensuring you remain compliant.

Isolocity offers a streamlined approach to quality processes, including:

  • CAPA and Deviation Reporting
  • Complaint Handling
  • Supplier Quality
  • Document Management & Change Management
  • Training and Risk Management
  • Equipment and Inspection Management
  • Free SOP Templates

What is the Dutchie POS?

Dutchie POS is a cannabis ERP solution used to manage your operations and ensure compliance. ERP solutions are typically designed to automate processes related to the supply chain and manufacturing functions.

Dutchie POS provides users with point of sale, cultivation, processing, wholesale and distribution, and e-commerce modules.

Although QMS and ERP systems offer different functionalities, both are crucial for optimizing your operations. A QMS automates quality processes throughout your organization. An ERP manages data within the supply chain and manufacturing process.

How does this integration help businesses?

By activating the Isolocity and Dutchie Point of Sale integration, all overlapping data points will sync between the two systems, including products, vendors, inventory levels, and more. You will be able to rely on a single source of truth across your software stack. The integrity of your quality system will see big improvements.

Dutchie POS - Isolocity Integration

How to set up this integration?

If you are already an Isolocity user, this integration takes minutes to activate, just contact to get started. To get started with Isolocity, contact Our intuitive software simplifies the onboarding process by taking you from novice to expert in a 30-minute live training session.

With Isolocity you will get:

  • A complete GMP-Validated Software
  • No activation or implementation fees
  • Unlimited training and support
  • Affordable & transparent pricing – starting at $199/month
  • Free & unlimited employee-level users
  • 21 CFR Part 11 and SOC 2 Compliance
  • Open API

Schedule your free demo now to see how we can help you.