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Templates, Inspection Criteria

Purpose: Create a fillable cannabis templates for forms that are required to be filled out on a regular basis. This could include;
routine sanitation, nutrient and additive tracking, part quality inspections, process inspections, process
change overs, etc.

Template Name: Title of the cannabis template; Eg. Nutrient and Pesticide tracking.

Template Number: This will associate to your SOP number / form number. Eg. PRO-01-004.

Part Number or Create part of Activity: This option allows the users to associate this template with an
item/ part in the system or an activity.

Part: is an item or tangible asset that can touched. Eg. Dry Flower, Nutrient, cleaning solution.
Activity: is a process that takes place. Eg. Nutrient tracking, process change over, routine sanitation,
plant production form, climate verification.

Revision level and Date: Track the revision level and date of the templates.

Characteristics Section:

Optional Toggle: Allows the users to identify that line item as being optional during the inspection. A
user may choose this if the line item is not required 100% of the time.

Signature Required: Identifies if that line item in the inspection requires a sign off verification. These
sign offs allow for duel verifications ( two signatures).

Characteristics: This outlines the criteria that a user would like to verify during the inspection. Part /
Item example: length, quality. Activity example: verify nutrient application, process requirement,

Operation: This outlines the step in the process that the characteristics needs to be verified at. Eg;
Receiving inspection / final inspection / additive application / room sanitation.

Nominal Dimension ( optional ): allows the users to identify a target value for that line item in the

+/- : Provides the users the ability to run SPC analysis ( statistical process control on dashboard) on that

Pass/Fail: Identifies the characteristics as being passed or failed.

Text Input: Identifies the characteristics as being passed or failed and allows the user to add additional
text into the field.

Equipment / Method: Helps the user identify what equipment needs to be associated with that
characteristic inspection. The list of available equipment is located in the equipment module.