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Editing Your Inventory

Step #1

Title: Click here.


Captured URL:

Step #2

Title: Enter the name of the product you want the details of to search for specific inventory information.


Captured URL:

Step #3

Title: Select the product you want to edit.


Captured URL:

Step #4

Title: Click “unapprove” to begin editing.


Step #5

Title: Select a “Batch Number” or Enter New


Text: Choose the “Batch Number” for the product you would like to edit, or enter a new one.

Step #6

Title: Enter “Quantity” of this product that you have in-stock if this is your first time logging in.


Text: The “Quantity” will automatically update each time a “Receiving/Shipping inspection” is completed. However, if you already have stock on hand and this is your first time in the system it is possible to add the in-stock quantities here.

Step #7

Title: Enter Location


Text: Location of where the product or part can be found.

Step #8

Title: Enter “Explanation”.


Text: If you change the quantity of this product in-stock a explanation must be provided for where the items came from.

Step #9

Title: This graph shows the amount of inventory over time as well as the re-order point.


Step #10

Title: Click here to save your changes.


Step #11

Title: Click “approve” to restrict changes.