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Receiving Inspection

Here are some important terms for when completing a receiving inspection in Isolocity’s supply chain management module.

Inspection Number:  This Number is sequential and is auto populated upon creating the receiving inspection.   This number can be overwritten with a new number.

Supplier Name: Links a supplier to the receiving inspection

PO#:   Links an purchase order to the receiving inspection

Lot Serial # ( Optional):  This allows the user to identify a secondary searchable lot number to the received product.  This would be utilized if the user were applying their own lot number to the received product.   If the users do this, this field would represent the suppliers lot number.  This will allow the suppliers lot number and the internally provided lot number to link when being searched in the batch look up tool.

Requested arrival date: Date the company has requested for delivery of the supplier.

Actual arrival date: Date the supplier has delivered the product.

Status:  identifies is the receiving inspection is open or closed.

Request QA Approval: This button provides a shortcut to create an action item for another user to complete the inspection.

Is Quarantined: Is the product is identified as quarantined, then the received batch of supplied items cannot be activated for use during inspections.  If not quarantined, then the products batch number can be made available during inspections.

Receiving inspection Line Items

 Part: Identified the part /item received.

Batch: Identified the part /item’s batch number received.

Template: Identified the part /item received inspection criteria.

Active Batch: Allows the user to activate this batch. If its active, then this batch number will populate in the batch record the next time this item/ part is in a bill of material.

Qty Accepted: identifies the number of product that was accepted during this inspection.  This number will be added to available product in the inventory / batch manager.

Qty Rejected: identifies the number of product that was rejected during this inspection.

Unit of Measure: Identifies the units the product is received in.   Can be any unit in the unit type selected in the item /part manager.

Inspection Results: This provides the users with a hyperlink to the receiving inspection criteria.   Clicking on this link will initiate the formal inspection ( see inspections above).  Once complete, the inspection status will display in this box.