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Templates or Inspection Criteria

Here are some important terms you’ll need to create SOP templates and inspection criteria. These templates can be used to complete inspections or steps based on standard operating procedures for any part of your process.

Purpose: Create fillable templates that are required to be filled out on a regular basis. This could include; routine sanitation, nutrient and additive tracking, part quality inspections, process inspections, process change overs, etc.

Template Name: Title of the template; Eg. Nutrient and Pesticide tracking.

Template Number: This will associate to your SOP templates to the SOP number / form number. Eg. PRO-01-004.

Part Number or Create part of Activity: This option allows the users to associate this template with an item/ part in the system or an activity.

Part: is an item or tangible asset that can touched. Eg. Dry Flower, Nutrient, cleaning solution.

Activity: is a process that takes place. Eg. Nutrient tracking, process change over, routine sanitation, plant production form, climate verification.

Revision level and Date: Track the revision level and date of the template.

Characteristics Section:

Optional Toggle: Allows the users to identify that line item as being optional during the inspection. A user may choose this if the line item is not required 100% of the time.

Signature Required: Identifies if that line item in the inspection requires a sign off verification. These sign offs allow for duel verifications ( two signatures).

Characteristics: This outlines the criteria that a user would like to verify during the inspection. Part / Item example: length, quality. Activity example: verify nutrient application, process requirement, climate.

Operation: This outlines the step in the process that the characteristics needs to be verified at. Eg; Receiving inspection / final inspection / additive application / room sanitation.

Nominal Dimension ( optional ): Allows the users to identify a target value for that line item in the inspection.

+/- Provides the users the ability to run SPC analysis (statistical process control on dashboard) on that characteristic.

Pass/Fail: Used to identify when characteristics are passed or failed.

Text Input: Used to identify when characteristics are passed or failed and allows the user to add additional text into the field.

Equipment / Method: Identifies which equipment is associated with the characteristic during inspection. The list of available equipment is located in the equipment module.