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Training Session #1

Need Assistance Tab


My Profile

Error Codes

Actions and Notifications

Organization Settings

Contact Support

Recent Activity


Corrective Actions




Out of Specification Report


Adding a New Document Type

Adding a New Document

Exporting your Document List

3-Stage Approval for Documents

Training Session #2

Human Resources

Training Type

Adding Employees

View Employee Profile

Employee Groups

Test Builder

Training Program

Training Activities

Specification – Parts

Customers and Suppliers

Adding a New Customer

Adding a New Supplier

Parts Manager

Adding Parts

Unfinished Products

Finished Product

Receiving Inspection

Parts Inspection

Training Session #3

Inventory Manager

Editing Your Inventory

Downloading Inventory Reports

Downloading Inventory Levels Report

Specification – Activities

Adding a Template/Specification

Creating Activities (Parts Manager)

Activity Inspections

Training Session #4

Equipment – Equipment Manager

Adding a New Equipment Type

Adding New Equipment

Adding an Equipment Report Template

Adding an Equipment Report

Internal Audit

Audit Area

Audit Templates

Audit Reports


Planning Reports

Adding a Planning Report

Change Control

Risk Management



For additional information, another helpful resource is the Isolocity Knowledge Base:

* The training schedule outlined above is not a strict outline and is subject to change.

* A fifth training session is also provided for review and a Q&A