Specificaton Management In Your Quality Management System

Isolocity offers a seamless process for specification management. Each step is paperless and cloud-based, allowing multiple employees to work on a new product specification or update an existing one.

Compare Specification Management With Isolocity

Product Specifications Are Separate In a Paper System

When a new product specification is required for an ordered product, a document is created with the product specifications. This document then needs to be referenced each time that product is ordered and a product inspection needs to be created.

Isolocity’s Specification Management Links To Product Inspection

When a product specification is saved in Isolocity, it is applied to future product inspections for that product. This means that a product inspection can be created in a few clicks for every order.

Compare Specification Management Approvals With Isolocity

Paper System Approvals Require Chasing

When a new product specification is created, it often requires at least one signature for approval, and sometimes many are required. This means chasing stakeholders down, having to manage the storage of the signed document, and ensuring its removal in the event of a product specification change.

Approval is Built In To Isolocity’s Specification Management

When specification management is done with Isolocity, product specifications that require approvals will appear in the action items. Approval is completed with a simple click. Product specification changes are done in the software, negating version management.

Making Changes – Compare Isolocity’s Specification Management

Product Specification Changes Start From Scratch In A Paper System

When a product specification change is initiated, the process of establishing an approved product specification starts over, generating a new document, gathering approval, and proper document management.

Changes Build On Existing Product Specifications With Isolocity

In Isolocity, a product specification change is simple. The existing product specification can be edited as needed and flagged for a new approval, which will appear in the action items.

Isolocity’s Specification Management Makes Change Notices Easy

Paper Systems Require Product Specification Change Notices

In a typical quality management system, all stakeholders need to be delivered a product specification change notice for each revision. The stakeholders are then required to remember this change and ensure it’s applied for the next run of that product.

No Product Specification Change Notices With Isolocity

When a change is made to a product speficiation, no notice is required. When the part is re-ordered, the order intake manager can continue to apply the same part to the order, and the product specification changes will be applied automatically.

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