Get Autopilot For Your Supply Chain Quality Management

Supply chain quality management is an essential part of any organization. When you control the supply chain quality management process from within your quality management software, it makes things more efficient. By using Isolocity’s supply chain quality management software, users can control all aspects of the supply chain from anywhere in their QMS.

Compare Traditional Supply Chain Quality Management Software To Isolocity

Traditional Supply Chain Quality Management Software

  • You chase the supplier to send their info for proper record keeping and then input the data upon receipt.
  • The supplier must provide input for corrective actions with supplier root causes. As a result, you are: chasing, tracking, and inputting to the native system.
  • A separate software usually tracks lot numbers of raw materials on receiving inspection. Otherwise lot numbers are often not tracked.
  • Receiving inspection must write down supplier errors, and the supplier scorecard must be updated later in a separate document.

Isolocity Supply Chain Quality Management Software

  • Isolocity asks for the client’s information automatically & the client inputs this directly into your system.
  • The supplier completes corrective actions directly into your system, and Isolocity tracks the progress.
  • Lot numbers of raw materials are easily tracked as receiving inspection is completed.
  • As the receiving inspector records errors, Isolocity updates the supplier scorecard automatically.

Automated Supplier Intake

Isolocity takes the work out of adding suppliers to your system. You can have the supplier provide their own certificate and quality policy information, and they can upload it directly into your system. As a result, you don’t need to chase the supplier for info, receive it in pieces, or do any data input.

Isolocity will notify the supplier to update certificates as they expire. Therefore, you don’t need to keep track of expiry dates any more. You can even see whose certificates need updating at a glance.

Automated Corrective Action Requests

Whether caught at receiving inspection or as a shop floor error, corrective action reports which result from supplier root causes are sent directly to the supplier to complete.

Isolocity sends the corrective action report to the supplier and asks them to complete their part of the corrective action report. This information goes directly into your system via the supplier portal, meaning you won’t have to input this data later.

Automated Receiving Inspection

Isolocity removes the complication of receiving inspection by connecting it to other parts of the Isolocity system. The receiving inspector fills out the receiving inspection data in Isolocity, meaning the Isolocity user avoids double entry, something typical of traditional quality management systems.

In addition to avoiding double entry, Isolocity links other parts of quality management directly to receiving inspection inputs. For instance, Isolocity automatically updates the supplier scorecard when on-time delivery issues and corrective actions crop up from receiving inspection. Isolocity also sends the corrective action report to the supplier who completes the corrective action report directly into your system.

Automated Supplier Scorecard Management

In a typical quality management system, the receiving inspector completes the receiving inspection on paper. This requires the quality manager to input this information into an electronic document for proper record keeping. The quality manager then does additional input when the analysis from the receiving inspection yields supplier errors. The quality manager must then update the supplier scorecard to reflect the supplier’s performance.

Isolocity gets rid of this work by having the receiving inspector fill out the receiving inspection data directly in Isolocity. Isolocity then updates the supplier scorecard as needed.

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