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    lean principles quality management software webinar

    This webinar is best for:

    • Standard Cultivators
    • Processors
    • Micro cultivators / Processors
    • Edibles & Beverages
    • Technology or QA Professionals

    Standardization in quality record-keeping is the key to consistency and profitability. Six Sigma and lean manufacturing methods drive companies towards these improvements. The principles work together to reduce waste and improve productivity through a framework that continually drives value. By applying lean principles to cannabis production, teams can accurately measure, benchmark, and improve performance.

    Combining lean principles and six sigma in cannabis record keeping can lead to stress-free audits and ultimately reduce organizational risks. Learn about how to reduce the record transportation waste while eliminating excess record inventory that often leads to errors and defects. Understand the pitfalls of traditional record-keeping methods and how teams can overcome them. Reduce overproduction and processing with lean data inputs to gain a more streamlined approach that can produce meaningful insights.

    Things you’ll learn:

    • How to overcome certain challenges in compliance by using Lean Principles
    • What the 7 forms of waste are and how they affect your operation
    • How to prepare and adapt record-keeping protocol while scaling profitability