Scope of Impact, Classification & Action Items For Change Control

Posted April 22nd, 2021 By Mukut Chakraborty

Change control procedures are crucial to the success of business operations since they help reduce the amount of unnecessary change or disruptions caused by inefficient processes. Thus, Isolocity has added more flexibility and control for operators that require additional classification and scope of impact to make more meaningful decisions – while making it easier to create actions from them.

The change control module now allows for classification of change controls which helps identify the area of the operation. This will make it easier to either trace back or limit the amount of work involved in completing them. 

Scope of impact will allow teams to determine areas that will potentially be affected by the change both directly and indirectly. This will allow for planning of follow up steps so that issues or disruptions can be mitigated. Here areas of risk should be identified in order to most

Scope of Impact and Classifications In Action

Here’s how Isolocity has implemented scope of impact, classifications, and adjusted action items for better change control management:

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