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Add Equipment List

This step is optional for all applicable certifications excepting Aerospace for which this step is mandatory.

Using the menu on the left-hand side:

Click on “Equipment” in your menu and then click on the “Equipment Manager” tab that appears.

Click “Create New Equipment”

First create your equipment types by clicking the equipment type arrow and clicking “+Add New”

Add Equipment List - Create Equipment Type - Quality Management Software

Name your equipment type and choose how frequently they should be reported on (inspected, calibrated, etc.).  The frequency will determine when Isolocity adds report completion to your action items.  Click “Create Equipment Type” When finished.

Examples of names would be Lathes, Saws, Ovens, Coffee Makers (where your Equipment names for the “Lathes” group might then be lathe #1, lathe #2, etc.).

Complete your equipment information and click create equipment.