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Training Suite


Document management is an essential part of any quality management system. We have intuitively built the document management software into Isolocity so you can start uploading and managing documents immediately. Some significant aspects of this module are:

  • A centralized collaborative approach for managing all your documents related to compliance
  • A track of all revision history keeps your organization ready for any audit
  • Automation for document management, analytics, and reports makes your entire process very efficient
  • Capabilities  –  4-Stage Approvals, Revision Control, Link to Training, and Audit Trail.
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Isolocity brings your HR training software to the cloud as part of your holistic quality management software. Our HR training software automates all aspects of HR compliance, including:

  • Tracking of training items across the company
  • Automatic status reporting
  • Easy and flexible grouping and sorting of employees
  • Instant delegation of training programs and schedules to employee groups
  • Capabilities – Audit Trail, Custom Test Builder, Employee Custom Grouping, Employee Tracking & Analytics, and Smart Onboarding Assignment
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CAPA Suite


CAPA reports (corrective and preventative action reports) are at the center of any quality management system. We have built a CAPA software module into Isolocity’s quality management software to make this process more seamless for the user.

  • With proactive measures through our real-time statistical process control, we can catch errors before they even happen
  • Built-in templates make it easier to generate just with the blink of an eye
  • Isolocity’s CAPA software reminds the quality manager of checkpoints in the action items through automation
  • The CAPA module includes CAPA, Deviations, Non Conformances, Out of specification, and Customer complaints.
  • Capabilities – Audit Trail, Corrective Action Reports, Non-Conformance Reports, Deviations, Complaints, Out of Specification, Planning Template Library (Change Control, Risk Management, PFMEA, and HACCP), Reason Codes, Supplier Quality Management, Cost of Quality Tracking, and Link to Training.
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Document Manager

Inspections suite


Digital part inspection and its link to real-time statistical process control are essential to saving time and reducing waste in manufacturing. Isolocity has turned a highly administrative aspect of quality management into a few clicks.

  • New orders in Isolocity automatically initiate production
  • Product inspection is created in an instant with Isolocity’s system
  • Product inspection is linked to real-time SPC data in Isolocity
  • Process issues are caught in Isolocity before waste is created
  • Efficient cars utilize the part inspector in Isolocity
  • Capabilities – Audit Trail, Custom Inspection Templates, Inspection Types (Audits, Receiving Inspection, Equipment Inspection, Calibration, Product Inspection, Location Inspection, Activity Inspection, Lab Results), Planning (Planning Reports, Change Control, and Risk Management), Fulfillment (Order Management, and Shipping), Batch Records (Byproduct Management, Specification Management, and Batch Record Creation), SPC Tracking, Cost Tracking, Time Tracking, Links and Escalations (Electronic Batch Records, and CAPA), Revision Control.
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Inventory Option

Have your inventory levels stay up to date on their own as you manage your batch and lot traceability. Isolocity inventory management software is crucial for GMP and ISO 9001 compliance. It also allows you to save time and resources with real-time updates of inventory levels at every stage in production.

  • Get automatic inventory calculations as shipping and receiving occurs in your system.
  • Visualize your inventory levels in one click.
  • Quickly check the amount of material needed, and complete a shipment directly from the shipping module.
  • Track the costs of production across your entire organization.
  • Capabilities – Audit Trail, Inventory Tracking, and Inventory Cost Tracking.
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Electronic Batch Records

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Connect your system with the rest of your software stack, and sync information with outside sources, including:

Currently, we have integration with Microsoft Azure for SharePoint and OneDrive, QAD ERP, Dutchie POS, Elevated Signals, CertiCraft, MJ Freeway, and many more.

The options for integration are limitless with our open API.

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