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20% of our clients are from the Vape industry. We have in-house Vape industry experts.

Co-chaired North American Vape Alliance (NAVA), also Smoke-Free Alternatives Trade Association(SFATA) member.

Our QMS is customized for the Vape Industry. We rank at the top for Vape QMS on Google.

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  • Easily upload your products and recipes – We know as a Vape company you have a lot of products with different recipes. Isolocity can help you mass upload your products and recipes just by filling out a CSV file. Manage all your batch records electronically and execute recalls without effort.
  • Easily maintain your certifications – Isolocity is a paperless, cloud-based GMP & ISO Certification software that strives to eliminate the labour involved in vape quality compliance. This automated QMS can reduce the time spent managing your quality processes and help you manage and maintain your certifications.

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Industry needs:

Inventory Management is a tedious process
Isolocity offers a managed list of inventory where a minimum/maximum level and reorder points can be set, expiration dates can be added when receiving materials and creating productions, and workflow will automatically update inventory.

Shipping and Order Management have a high probability of error
With Isolocity, order IDs are generated automatically and can be used throughout the product life cycle to accurately pull information from the shipment in other modules. Order and shipping reports are generated by the system itself.

Revisions are easy to miss
Easily upload all your controlled documents and manage approvals and revisions within Isolocity. Send training to affected employees and departments easily. Easily create new revisions when recipes for your products are changed. When a deviation, CAPA, or non-conformance occurs, staff can easily submit the report using Isolocity.

Risk Management process is not mature enough
Risk Management controls can also be added into Isolocity. Users can identify any part of their process that may require special attention or control measures to mitigate risk. Users can easily create a HACCP / PFMEA report in Isolocity for improved documentation.

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20% of our clients are from the Vape industry so we know the ins and outs of the Vape industry. In addition, we have in-house Vape industry experts.
Isolocity was designed with ISO and GMP compliance in mind, which are essential for the Vape industry.
Isolocity is affordable with free user options available, there are also different payment options (monthly or annual). Lastly, we don’t charge an activation fee.
We are device agnostic. Work from your laptop or mobile and you will have the same awesome user interface.
We know Vape is an evolving industry therefore we release updates almost every month to make sure we always remain compliant.
We offer a variety of analytics and downloadable reports which can be helpful for trend analysis and reporting requirements.
We provide extra resources to help the client be successful – watch and learn at your own pace (learning center & knowledge base).


Isolocity has been a turn key solution to implementing the ISO9001:2015 standard. Chris and the Isolocity team have made for a fast, easy and fun transition into implementing data control. With the easy to use software and excellent customer service offered, I would recommend this solution to any business concerned with Quality Control.

Danielle VineVP Operations - Dvine Laboratories

Isolocity keeps us honest when maintaining our internal SOPs. Not only with the internal training tutorial to use the tutorial, but followups from their customer success representatives weekly to ensure we have the support we need. CAPA, alerting, version control of SOPs and release forms are all easily done in Isolocity.

Daniel Wanis-RuizVP of Partnerships - Elevated Signals

We are proud customers of Isolocity. It’s an excellent tool, it helps us save a lot of paper. With Isolocity we are able to track everything digitally. It’s been an excellent relationship with Isolocity, they provide great customer service. If we face any issue or any question, they provide training on how to use Isolocity for our employees. Isolocity has been amazing for us, happy to work with them.

Rick MoriarityCIO/COO - High North Laboratories, Inc.

Isolocity has really come to bat for us when it comes to the support of their products. Their level of communication and flexibility has helped reduce countless headaches. This is a company that truly stands behind their product and has provided an excellent level of service.

Brandon BashamSystems Support - Manager Marimed Inc.

A truly powerful software service for ISO and quality management activities matched with customer service that has exceeded all expectations. The Isolocity team helped us get up and running quickly and we were able to consolidate many separate and disjointed business processes into one package with realtime data and task automation built in. Excellent.

Jeff NicollPresident - Ambix Manufacturing, Inc.

Respectful, responsive, competent Support Team, always open to listen to suggestions and willing to spend time to give us tutorials on functions

Wei KungQuality Assurance Associate - BZAM Cannabis

Isolocity has dropped about half of my workload. I am pretty happy with Isolocity, and now I can do a lot more work efficiently.

Phil HardyManager of Operations - Pond Naturals

After almost a year of implementation, our quality controls are much more effective than the standard paper form. You can track in real-time if the employees records their production activities. All the events of a specific batch number can be search in one click. Very easy to build a complete batch record.

Sebastien RoyDirector, Quality Assurance - New Pharma GNTIK Laboratory