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Adding New Equipment

Step #1

Click Here

Step #2

Click here to enter the “Equipment Manager” module

Step 3

Click here to create your equipment

Step 4

Select whether to enable this equipment for use

Step 5

Is your equipment being serviced?

Step 6

Is this a “Critical Equipment?”

Step 7

Enter a “Name” (Required)

Step 8

Select the “Type” (Required)

Step 9

Enter “Serial Number”

Step 10

Enter “Location”

Step 11

Attach additional documentation (Optional)

Step 12

Click to add “Equipment Owners” (Optional)

Step 13

Enter “Description”.

Step 14

Click here to create your “Equipment”.

Step 15

Report Frequency

Step 16

Click here to Add Templates

Step 17

Select an “Existing Template”

Step 18

Enter the “Last Report Date”

Step 19

Enter the “Frequency”

Step 20

Select the “Duration”

Step 21

Enter the “Next Due Date”

Step 22

Toggle to exclude weekends

Step 23

Click the checkmark to add the template or the “x” to remove it

Step 24

Click to add more templates (optional)

Step 25

Parts List

Step 26

Select an Existing Part

Step 27

Enter the “Quantity”

Step 28

Select the “Unit of Measure”

Step 29

You can remove the part by clicking the “x”

Step 30

Click here to create a New Revision (Optional)

Step 31

Enter Revision Number

Step 32

Click Create

Step 33

Click here to save equipment

Step 34

Click on the clock to see your activity

Step 35

The activity tracker shows all activity for this report

Step 36

Activities can be searched by key word or date range

Step 37

The user, the action and the date/time is tracked and recorded here

Step 38

Click on the blank space to go back to the report