Isolocity's GMP validated cannabis compliance toolbox is built for success in the industry.

Easily incorporate GMP and ISO to the management and documentation of production seamlessly.

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    Full-Service Certification Partner

    As your certification partner, Isolocity provides full-service consulting from our network of ISO & GMP experts - in addition to our cloud-based all-in-one QMS software.
    Marimed was able to prove the product’s success by using it to achieve GMP certification in December 2022.

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    Our QMS Includes Features That Make Compliance Management Easy:

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    Isolocity Gets Your Facility Ahead of Regulations. Be Ready For ISO 9001 & GMP Certification Now!

    A robust QA workflow is imperative to the success of our operations and to maintain compliance with Health Canada regulations. Isolocity has been a very valuable tool as we aim to attain compliance with GMP/ISO guidelines and I would highly recommend it to any cannabis business. The best thing about working with Isolocity is their excellent customer service and willingness to customize the software for our specific needs.

    - Sahil Gandhi, QAP/Scientist, GrowX Global

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