A QMS customized for
Manufacturing Industry

  • Digital part inspection linking to real-time SPC
  • Free ISO and GMP SOPs
  • Support for your ISO & GMP Certification

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    Built for the Manufacturing Industry

    We provide the support the Manufacturing Industry needs

    The cost factor for the manufacturing industry is critical

    We know cost is a sensitive issue for manufacturing and hence we have kept our prices lower. Available at only $199/full user/month, product user cost is only $29/user/month.

    We do not charge any activation, provide unlimited training and implementation hours and SOps are free too.

    Material shortage is a major issue for most manufacturing companies

    Have your inventory levels stay up to date on their own, as you manage your batch and lot traceability. Isolocity inventory management software is a crucial tool for GMP and ISO 9001 compliance.

    It also allows you to save time and resources with real-time updates of inventory levels at every stage in production.

    The biggest issue in the manufacturing industry is supply chain disruption

    Isolocity has the supplier provide their own certificate and quality policy information, and they can upload it directly into your system. As a result, you don’t need to chase the supplier for info, receive it in pieces, or do any data input. Isolocity will notify the supplier to update certificates as they expire.

    Therefore, you don’t need to keep track of expiry dates anymore. You can even see whose certificates need updating at a glance.

    Labor shortage can be answered by automation

    Isolocity harnesses the power of automation to reduce the work and resources needed.

    It will help to eliminate the time and thinking involved in maintaining a paper-based system to easily allow clients to receive and maintain their certifications.

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