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On-Demand Webinar

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Unlock the keys to implementing a successful GMP compliance in your cannabis company.

Join ProCanna USAs Founder, Dede Perkins, talking with Chris Budd, an expert on all things GMP compliance.

Together, we’ll connect the dots of establishing a GMP program for your cannabis company, as well as exploring some key areas & terms within GMP compliance that will help provide context around exactly what GMP is and why it’s important in the US cannabis industry.

To watch the webinar, just enter your details and fill up the form.

Things you’ll learn:

  • The five main components of GMP compliance
  • The primary steps one should take when implementing good documentation practices
  • The measures you should take to ensure a clean facility and good employee hygiene
  • What is traceability and CAPA for adverse events, and why are they important
  • How does one get GMP certified

Featured Speakers:

Dede Perkins

Procanna USA

Chris Budd