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About the Webinar

Two Canadian cannabis software companies, Isolocity and CertiCraft, have been quickly acquiring market dominance in recent years. They have grown loyal customer bases and well-liked solutions over that period. We simply can’t keep silent about the ground-breaking integration that CertiCraft and Isolocity have created between their two platforms!

We collaborated to combine the greatest features of eQMS and S2S software into a single, simple-to-use program, doing away with bothersome double entries and missing data.

What CertiCraft is

The most straightforward seed-to-sale compliance solution for Canadian cannabis growers is CertiCraft. It completely digitizes and automates your interactions with Health Canada and the CRA, saving our clients the most time, hassle, and money of any technology available.

Isolocity & CertiCraft Integration Discussion Agenda:

  • Common issues with cannabis businesses
  • A brief description of the Isolocity software
  • A brief description of the CertiCraft software
  • An in-depth overview of the Isolocity and CertiCraft integration
  • How does this integration address the majority of issues for cannabis businesses?
  • How to turn on the  integration

Featured Speakers:

Sami Majadla



Chris Budd