HR Training Software

Isolocity brings your HR training software to the cloud as part of your holistic quality management software.

Isolocity’s HR Training Software Maintains Your HR Compliance

Isolocity lets you do away with much of the labor involved in HR compliance in a paper-based quality management system. Our HR training software automates all aspects of HR compliance including:

  • Tracking of training items across the company
  • Automatic status reporting
  • Easy and flexible grouping and sorting of employees
  • Instant delegation of training programs and schedules to employee groups

Use HR Training Software to Track Company Training Items

Isolocity’s HR training software, tells you the exact status of any training program or employee.  The user sees outstanding items at a glance, as well as ones that will be due in the near future.  This means you no longer have to chase employees in order to get training up to date, Isolocity will do that for you.  This also means you no longer have to be in front of the trainee, you can verify their training remotely.

There are plenty of ways you can create schedules for Isolocity to track, whether it be a one-time, refresher frequency, or variable employee review.  With each of these schedules, Isolocity will automatically prompt the employee and their supervisor at the appropriate time, as a result HR training records are kept up-to-date.

Automatic Report Creation for HR Compliance and Auditing

In a traditional quality management system, the quality manager requires a report on the status of training items.  This means that the quality manager or HR personnel needs to comb through whatever records they have to compile a status report.  Isolocity will run this report in an instant, not only saving the team time and effort, but also allowing the quality manager and HR personnel to run this report as often as they like.

HR Training Software That Keeps Employees Organized

Isolocity makes it easy to keep employee information up to date and organized. Easy search and edit functions make information easy to input and update.  Once employees are in Isolocity’s HR training software, they are easy to group into meaningful segments.  For instance, you can group employees into your company’s departments, but you can also group employees by certain functions like: customer facing, management, shop floor, etc.  There is no limit to the amount of groups a single employee can be assigned to.

Manage HR Compliance Through Group Delegation

Once your employees have been grouped, it’s easy to keep employee training up to date.  Isolocity lets you design training programs right in the system and assign that training program to the proper groups.  This means your company will no longer need memos to announce new training programs and procedures, Isolocity will manage these notifications instead.

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