Adding An Audit Report

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Step #1

Click here to access the “Internal Audits” sub-menu.

Step #2

Click here to enter the “Audit Reports” module.

Step #3

Click here to create an “Audit Report”.

Step #4

Select the “Audit Area”.

Step #5

Select the “Report Template”.

Step #6

Fill out the report (Optional), then click “Next” to continue to a different section of the report.

Step #7

Select whether the audit was “Passed” or “Failed”.

Step #8

Who completed this audit?

Step #9

Enter the completion date.

Step #10

Select a date to follow up.

Step #11

Enter “Notes & Observations” (Optional).

Step #12

Attached relevant documentation or other information (Optional).

Step #13

Click here to create your report.

Step #14

Click the bell icon to check any notifications regarding this audit or the printer icon to print this “Audit Report” (Optional).

Step #15

Click “Save” to save your work without completing the report or click “Save & Finalize” if you have filled out all required fields and have no more updates to make.

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