Product Inspection Software & Statistical Process Control In Your Quality Management System

Digital part inspection and its link to real-time statistical process control is essential to saving time and reducing waste in manufacturing. Isolocity has turned a highly administrative aspect of quality management into just a few clicks. Below is a snapshot of how much effort Isolocity can save you over a paper-based quality management system.

Compare New Orders & Product Inspection With Isolocity

New Orders In a Paper System Require Coordination

The contract manager receives the order and fills out the information in the order intake template. She is then required to notify the various departments involved in the production of the order.

New Orders in Isolocity Automatically Initiate Production

When the contract manager adds the order into Isolocity, notification is done automatically. The part inspection can be created in a few clicks, ready for the part inspector when it comes off the line.

Compare Product Inspection Templates With Isolocity

Product Inspection Created Separately In A Paper System

Once an order is created, someone is required to remember to create a product inspection, and it is not often the same person who received the order, this requires coordination and a lot of room for error.

Product Inspection Is Created In An Instant With Isolocity’s System

With Isolocity, once an order is created, the product inspection is so simple, it can be completed with the order intake. The user has only to click on product inspections, select the order and save the inspection.

Compare Product Inspection Data With Isolocity

Product Inspection Requires Double Entry With A Paper System

With a paper quality management system, the product inspection is typically completed with a paper and pencil. The quality manager then needs to collect the loose paper and enter the values into an electronic file causing double entry.

Product Inspection Is Linked To Real-Time SPC Data In Isolocity

Isolocity is tablet-friendly, allowing the user to input inspection results directly into the system. Not only does this prevent double entry, it also allows the quality manager to view the real-time statistical process control data.

Compare Product Inspection & Process Issues With Isolocity

Unidentified Process Issues Create Waste In A Paper System

Because the product inspection has a longer cycle with a paper-based system, any statistical process control data that gets generated is usually after an un-calibrated machine has caused waste in faulty products.

Process Issues Are Caught In Isolocity Before Waste Is Created

A real-time statistical process control graph is created in Isolocity as product inspection is completed. SPC trends are observed to determine if calibration is required before creating faulty products.

Compare Product Inspection & Corrective Action Reports With Isolocity

CARs Depend On The Quality Manager In A Paper System

In a paper quality management system, the quality manager is responsible for discovering quarantined products down on the shop floor, initiating the corrective action report, collecting all the order and error information, and checking corrective action effectiveness. This amounts to a highly administrative task.

Efficient CARs Utilize The Part Inspector In Isolocity

In Isolocity, the product inspector opens the CAR. A corrective action report link appears on a failed part inspection requiring only the error code to continue. The CAR appears in the quality manager actions, requiring 3 inputs: immediate action, root cause & preventative action. The quality manager is reminded of verification when it’s due.

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