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Isolocity is a paperless, cloud-based QMS Software that strives to eliminate the labor involved in quality compliance.

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How Isolocity’s QMS Helps Your Business

25% Time Savings

Quality Management Software Save Time

All surveyed users reported QMS time savings, some have saves as much as 25% on in-process inspection time alone.

Easy Transition

Quality Management Software Transition

Many of our surveyed users have reported the effort to switch to Isolocity’s QMS as negligible, the learning curve is that small. To make it even easier, we can take care of uploading your data for you.

Improve Quality Scores

Quality Management Software Improve Quality Score

Users have reported their quality scores increasing to become among the highest in their customer’s supply chain.

Part Inspection & SPC Data

Tablet-friendly part inspection uses a central information source to eliminate duplicate entry and provide the quality manager with real time SPC and inspection data from anywhere in the world.

Corrective Action Reports

The inspection manager can initiate the CAR directly from the part inspection. If a part inspection fails, the inspection manager can open and save the CAR in two clicks. The CAR will show up in the quality manager’s action items to be completed.

Document Control

Documents are stored in a single, cloud-based access point allowing employees to access the same document from anywhere. Isolocity offers managed revision numbers to prevent employees from using the wrong revisions.

Risk Managment

Transition your QMS smoothly to the ISO 9001:2015 revision with our risk management module. Isolocity offer planning tools for risk management, opportunity, objective, and change management. For each of these you can manage owners, actions, due dates, and priority.

Calibration & Maintenance

Create any type of QMS inspection report with our drag & drop report builder. Schedule calibrations & machine maintenance so they appear in the actions items when they are due. The employee can open, complete the report, and save it for future reference.

Internal Audit Reports

Internal Audit Reports are as simple as selecting a job or part # and a single click. Isolocity will retrieve all the data stored in the QMS related to that search, as well as company-wide information typically required in an audit.

“It has reduced time…by 25%. It was a smooth transition! The software is user friendly which made it easy to add new parts and drawings. Isolocity has been a good addition to our process flow and inspection procedures. It has made tracking parts sent out to suppliers easier and helps keep track if we are late on shipments.”

– Johann Britto, NEAG Inc.

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