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Equipment maintenance and management of assets can be a small added cost to your business compared to the huge loss that can occur during a breakdown. Thus, it is important for Isolocity to always continue improving equipment protocol to make it easier for you to get even more effective equipment maintenance, without extra work.

In the latest update, our team has enhanced the equipment asset management workflow. To create better usability, our equipment specifications and templates can now be created through our template module:

equipment report template quality management system


Users can still create templates via the equipment module but we highly encourage usage of the new process.

Equipment inspections now also have their own section under the Inspections module where users can easily initiate, contribute, and view their equipment reports:

equipment inspections quality management system

These reports will also have their own audit/activity trail that will enhance your organizational traceability even more:

equipment traceability quality management system

Users can find our new instructional videos inside our need assistance section of the app.

Organization admins now have the ability to adjust notification settings company-wide using the organization settings inside Isolocity:

compliance notifications quality management system

Whether it is equipment maintenance or organizational workflows. It is important to keep your quality management system agile by adopting new procedures or improving old ones. With Isolocity’s automated quality compliance system it can be all seamless.

Ask us about how you can improve your equipment maintenance and organizational procedures now. With automated maintenance schedules, flexible UI, and templates that save you time and resources. Ask one of our specialists to show you how!