Flexible Document Change Control & CAPA Management

Posted January 12th, 2021 By Mukut Chakraborty

Change control is a crucial part of the product or service management process. They help avoid any unnecessary changes that could disrupt business success and ensure that resources are used efficiently. With the size and structure of an organization becoming ever more complex, it is important for such measures to be flexible to fit the needs of the organization.

While Isolocity already has Change Control capabilities integrated with its modules, with this update we aim to enhance it for better document control and approval management.

Document Routing & Approval Matrices

Isolocity’s enhanced document routing and approval matrices will allow users to assign specific users or departments to certain stages of document approval. This means that the approval process can be even more customized to fit your organizational needs.

When enabled, documents are also locked from being circulated if change control reports are not completed and approved. This reduces risk of issues arising from documents or SOPs (standard operating procedures) with unapproved contents being used in your facility. You can check document settings to ensure this feature is enabled.

Here’s a quick 10-minute guide on how you can utilize this feature:

Enhanced Workflow W/ CAPA Quick-add

Isolocity is always working to make compliance easier for our users, so in this update we’ve also included a new “Quick-add” menu where you can quickly initiate any CAPA report without going deeper into the module. 

This feature will make it so you can create Corrective Action, Deviation, Non-conformance, Complaints, and Out of Specification reports from anywhere in Isolocity.

Get Flexible CAPA & Change Control for Any Industry

Isolocity’s quality management system is here to help companies adapt their compliance practices and maximize use of resources. We’re always improving our software to make complex processes such as CAPA and Change control easier. Find out more about how you can adapt now.