Quality Planning Notifications Bell Quality Management Software

To improve your project’s quality management, “Notifications” have been added to keep your team on top of updates in the system. The “Notifications” bell on the top right corner beside your user name accumulates as the tasks and processes in your system require your attention. You can click the small bell icon to view more detailed information about each notification.

Once you access the “Notification” portal, you can view details on notifications by clicking on them or to mark as read if the corresponding tasks have already been completed.

“Action Items” can be found in the navigation pane to the left under “Planning Reports”. Once you click on the page title, you will be taken to a module where you where new “Action Items” will populate as they are created. You can optimize your quality planning by creating a new action item and clicking the “Create New Action Item” button on the right-hand side.

Once you click the button, you will be taken to a page where you can fill out all the necessary information for your quality planning. This includes the due date, priority, and user the task is assigned to. In addition, you will also be able to upload relevant documents that the user can view. To finalize the decision, you can then click “Create Action Item”. An email will be sent to you and the assignee once the action has been integrated, it will also be documented in the “Notifications” page.

Create Planning Reports Menu Quality Management Software

The quality planning section can be found by clicking on “Planning Reports” in the menu.

Here, you can begin quality planning by clicking on “Create New Planning Report”.

Complete the information fields associated with the planning report and choose the planning type from the drop-down.

Create Planning Reports Create Resources and Action Plan Quality Management Software

Create resources and action plan for completing this item.  Leave the completion dates blank until the action has been completed.

Create Planning Reports Evaluation of Effectiveness of Plan Quality Management Software

Choose criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of your project quality management plan and assign an owner.  Click “Create Planning Report” to save the report.

Reminders will appear in your action items when items in this report become due.  Once the process has completed, assess the effectiveness of the plan to close it.