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SQF Unites 2024 was a great success for Isolocity. Attending this conference was vital for us as we venture further into the food industry. With already-forged partnerships with the various SQF registrars, we integrated seamlessly into the Safe Food Community. Throughout the conference, we were able to gauge the competitive landscape for QMS in the food industry and better understand how we fit in and support our clients. Like other highly regulated industries, the food industry is full of top-notch QA professionals who are constantly pushing the boundaries to improve and streamline their quality operations. From contamination management to traceability and document control, food organizations require a robust QMS toolkit to exceed compliance requirements. 

Chris & Jae - SQF

Some upcoming changes to FSMA 204 will push food companies to strengthen their traceability posture. Luckily for them, Isolocity is already there! Traceability was certainly a hot topic amongst the crowd, as everyone was focused on the upcoming changes with FSMA 204.  Supply chain management was also a hot topic amongst the group as it pertained to FSMA 204. Both Jae and Chris enjoyed running live demonstrations outlining how Isolocity FSMS can close these gaps. 

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The momentum gained in New Orleans has provided us with the confidence to continue to expand our presence at other food industry conferences.

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Leaders we met

We’re privileged to have connected with industry-leading registrars such as Bureau Veritas Certification, TUV South, Perry Johnson, and many more incredible food producers. 

Bureau Veritas Certification, a nearly century-old French company, is revolutionizing the food safety sector with its recent expansion into Canada and the United States. In 2022 and 2023, they established state-of-the-art food safety laboratories in these regions, marking a significant milestone in their commitment to enhancing food safety standards.

TUV South, a division of TUV USA, stands as a prominent figure in the industry, providing invaluable assistance to companies seeking diverse food safety certifications such as SQF, HACCP, BRCGS, FSSC 22000, and more.

Perry Johnson Registrars Food Safety Inc. (PJRFSI), founded by Perry L. Johnson, a renowned expert in quality management, provides valuable food safety certification services. Johnson’s book, “ISO 9000: Meeting the International Standards,” is a best-selling work now in its second edition.

In essence, it operates as a comprehensive ecosystem where these companies assist in the certification process, while Isolocity can support the necessary prerequisites required for obtaining these certifications.

Isolocity and food safety

Food safety is like car insurance. It seems like an added cost, but can you imagine driving a car without car insurance? The imposition of a $19 million criminal penalty on a food manufacturer serves as a stark reminder of the critical significance of adhering to food safety obligations. And that is why a food safety management system is so crucial for your business.

As previously discussed, certification companies such as Bureau Veritas Certification, Perry Johnson and TUV South can assist with the certification process. However, obtaining certifications like SQF or HACCP entails meeting certain ongoing requirements integral to the process itself. For instance, documentation plays a vital role. Not only in terms of its presence but also in ensuring a tracking process is in place. This process monitors adherence to the processes outlined in those documents. Additionally, it maintains an audit trail to track all changes made. These aspects are critical not only for internal or external audits but also for maintaining compliance. Further insights on SQF and HACCP can be found in multiple blog posts for your reference.

To tackle all those requirements, you need to make sure you have a food safety management system; extra points if that system is compliant with SQF, HACCP, BRCGS, IFS, and FSSC 22000. That’s why Isolocity can be the golden mine you have been looking for. 

Isolocity serves as a comprehensive food safety management system tailored for SQF, BRCGS, IFS, and FSSC 22000 standards. The software is designed to meet the specific needs of the food and beverage industry, offering features that simplify the implementation of HACCP protocols.

Should businesses attend food safety trade shows like SQF Unites?

Depending on the business objective, the reason for food safety trade shows might vary but the short answer to this question is absolutely. We will list here 4 reasons that we have felt are important for any business.

1. A proactive approach to compliance

While businesses may have knowledge about current food safety compliance standards, they may not always be aware of upcoming changes or new regulations. Attending trade shows can provide valuable insights and hints about potential upcoming compliances or modifications to existing standards. While attending these events may not provide comprehensive details, they can offer enough clues and information to help businesses stay ahead of potential regulatory changes and make necessary preparations.

For example, SQF held an information seminar on the upcoming changes to FSMA 204. Many attendees participated in the event and left pondering next steps. 

2. Solutions you didn’t know existed

We encountered numerous intriguing food safety service and technology providers that were previously unknown to us. We found the experience to be fascinating. It would be highly beneficial for food manufacturing companies to adopt these solutions. For example, a food safety management system could enhance efficiency. Even if the return on investment is only $2 for every $1 invested, it would still justify the initial investment, wouldn’t it?

3. Market dynamics

Encountering industry leaders, competitors, and service providers at food safety trade shows like SQF Unites offers valuable insights beyond mere compliance. By engaging with these stakeholders, businesses can discern market shifts and effectively adapt to changes. It’s not solely about meeting regulatory requirements; attending such events enables a deeper understanding of market dynamics. Avoiding missteps like the launches of “New Coke” or “McDonald’s Arch Deluxe” requires a comprehensive grasp of the market landscape. This can’t always be achieved through limited research with a sample size. Therefore, attending food safety trade shows becomes essential for grasping the entirety of market dynamics.

4. Other reasons

Participating in a trade show offers brand visibility to your desired audience. It facilitates networking with industry peers and service providers. Additionally, it serves as a platform to showcase and promote your products, services, or company.


In summary, we thoroughly appreciated every aspect of SQF Unites 2024, and we’re confident that the next iteration of SQF Unites will be even more remarkable. We look forward to participating again next year in Orlando. Whether you’re a food safety enthusiast or represent a food manufacturing company interested in discussing how we can enhance your operations, please feel free to schedule a meeting with our product specialist for a chat about how we can potentially add value to your endeavours.