The “Human Resources” module can be accessed from the main menu under the section “Users and Teams”. Once you click on it a new sub-menu will appear where you can manage various aspects of your human resources such as employee records, groups, training programming, and progress.

Quality Planning Notifications Bell Quality Management Software

To improve your project’s quality management, “Notifications” have been added to keep your team on top of updates in the system. The “Notifications” bell on the top right corner beside your user name accumulates as the tasks and processes in your system require your attention. You can click the small bell icon to view more detailed information about each notification.

Once you access the “Notification” portal, you can view details on notifications by clicking on them or to mark as read if the corresponding tasks have already been completed.

“Action Items” can be found in the navigation pane to the left under “Planning Reports”. Once you click on the page title, you will be taken to a module where you where new “Action Items” will populate as they are created. You can optimize your quality planning by creating a new action item and clicking the “Create New Action Item” button on the right-hand side.

Once you click the button, you will be taken to a page where you can fill out all the necessary information for your quality planning. This includes the due date, priority, and user the task is assigned to. In addition, you will also be able to upload relevant documents that the user can view. To finalize the decision, you can then click “Create Action Item”. An email will be sent to you and the assignee once the action has been integrated, it will also be documented in the “Notifications” page.

Supply Chain Management Quality Management Software

To enter the supply chain management portal, click on the “Suppliers” menu in the left-side navigation pane to see the new sub-menu appear. Then click on “Supplier Management”.

You can manage the supply chain by editing existing contacts or add a new contact by clicking the “Create New Supplier” button.

Supply Chain Management Quality Management Software

A new form will appear where you can fill out contact information and roles assigned to the supplier. Additional information such as the upload of a certificate (including its expiry date) and quality procedures can be inserted here as well. An email notification will then be sent out to confirm your action once you click “Create Supplier”. The supplier will also receive a similar email that will prompt them to complete any additional information required in the “Supplier Portal”.

Once you receive the email notification from ISOlocity regarding your addition as a new supplier in our client’s supply chain management system and are ready to upload additional supplier information, you can click on the “Upload Certificate” link.

















You will then be taken to the “Supplier Portal” where important documents and certificate files related to the supply chain can be uploaded for review. You can also enter any additional information that may be of value to the client.

Supply Chain Management Receiving Inspections Quality Management Software

Under the Suppliers menu, click on the “Receiving Inspections” sub-menu to create a new receiving inspection.

Click on “New Receiving Inspection”.

Fill out the information and click “Create Receiving Inspection”.

Please note that depending on your contract with us, adding a new user may incur additional costs to your subscription.

Click on “User Manager” in the menu.

Click “Create New User”

Fill out the user’s information and click “Create User”.  This will initiate an email to the user to set up their account.



Although we provide a mass upload option for adding parts, you will start adding single parts after you start using Isolocity.

Adding A Single New Part Quality Management Software

Click on “Part Manager” in your menu.

Click “Create New Part”.

Fill out your part information and click “Create Part”.

Document Manager Quality Management Software

Click “Document Manager” in the menu.

Click “Create New Document”

Fill out your document’s information, upload the document, and click “Save Document”.

The document can now be accessed in the Document Manager.

Although we provide a mass upload option for adding contacts, you will start adding single contacts as you connect with them after you start using Isolocity.

Adding A Single New Contact Quality Management Software

Depending on what type of contact you are adding, click on “Customers” or “Suppliers” in your menu.

Click “Create New Supplier” or “Create New Customer”

Fill out the contact information and click “Create Supplier” or “Create Customer”